Once a day Pilates! with foam roller 🙂

Nov 26, 2017 | Steamboat Pilates and Fitness

Once a Day Pilates! (Stretch & Core with Foam Roller)

Try this :20min series to lengthen & connect in order to start or end your day feeling great!!

Roll your legs!

  • Start on one hip, roll from hip to outside of knee (IT Band) forearm on floor and top foot in front for support.
  • Transition to front of thighs (Quads), use core to maintain forearm plank support as you roll from hip to just above knee.
  • Repeat starting on other hip (IT Band) roll on other side
  • Back of legs (Hamstrings & Calves) seated with roller under one leg, using opposite leg as support. Careful with a lot of pressure behind knee. Roll foot side to side and add ankle circles.



  • Seated on roller, hands behind you on floor, cross one ankle to knee & lean towards your bent leg (Piriformis) roll back & forth
  • Switch legs & sides


Upper Back/Shoulders!

  • Have a seat in front of the roller so it is located behind your shoulders (mid back), support your head with your hands, lift your hips and roll from shoulders to lowest rib
  • After a few rolls, finish with roller at the base of your shoulder blades, hips to floor, add a small curl of your pelvis (tuck) to create core connection.
  • Allow head/shoulders to go back over roller to stretch upper back and belly, use core to float back up into a half roll up.
    • Additions:
      • add rotation as you come up
      • Add a leg lift as you rotate to one side
      • Lift both legs and rotate side to side
  • Make sure to keep core engaged throughout!


Head/neck & hip stretch combo!

  • Bring roller behind head, so you can relax head on top, shoulders are up against it
  • Gently rotate head side to side to massage muscles of your neck
  • With the head supported, take one ankle to knee into a figure 4 stretch (use a belt or towel if nec to support bringing other leg up)
  • Switch legs, make sure to keep breathing!


Legs & Hips!

  • Move roller so it is underneath your sacrum/tailbone sideways
  • Take both legs up to sky and stretch back of legs (hamstrings), scissor alternate the legs & add helicopter circles moving legs in half circles apart from each other
  • Bring legs back to parallel, bend one knee to chest, reach opposite leg long to stretch the front of your hip (Hip flexors), then open bent leg to side for inner thigh stretch & bring across for a spine rotation and outer hip stretch
  • Switch legs & repeat


Shoulders & Core!

  • Lay lengthwise on the roller, head to tailbone
  • Circle arms, take them to a T with palms up/down, bend arms to a cactus position, reach up to the sky, scissor stretch the arms, any stretches or movements that feel good
  • Bring hands behind head, elbows lift in your peripheral vision, add half roll ups from your core!
  • Add rotation at the top of your roll up alt side to side
  • Full body stretch arms & legs reach long


Spine Twist!

  • Without the roller or any props, lay on your back on the floor (or even in bed)
  • Hug one knee to your chest and bring it across your body rolling onto opposite hip as you reach opposite arm out
  • Use your core to bring you back to center and switch sides
  • Make sure to breath!

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