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      In compliance with the Public Health guidelines and the ‘Safer at Home’ order, we are continuing to book appointments for:
      It will work like this:

      – Decide if you would like a private, semi private, 3 or 4-person workout session
      – Coordinate with your family or close friends – people you have spent time with and feel comfortable being around
      – Pick your workout: Reformer, Yoga, Barre, TRX, circuits, running, spin or a combo!
      – We’ll schedule you at a time to accommodate space and distance protocol 🙂
      – PLEASE EMAIL US AT steamboatpilates@gmail.com to schedule

      Until further notice, we will continue to LIVESTREAM our MAT CLASSES

      • Clients and Teachers will wear masks into the studio, please wear your own mask into the studio.
      • Clients will sanitize hands immediately when entering and exiting the studio, teachers will wash hands between sessions and sanitize frequently within the hour.
      • Private sessions will be timed and spaced out to accommodate the social distancing requirements.
      • All equipment and props will be fully disinfected between sessions and allowed to dry between usage.
      • All sessions will be 55 minutes allowing for extra cleaning time.
      • All 3 entrances and exits will be used to decrease cross traffic.
      • Clients should wait until their appt. time to enter the studio in order to eliminate the waiting area cross over.
      • EMAIL is the best way to reach us: steamboatpilates@gmail.com. If you need us immediately, you may call Wendy 970-846-3070 or Kristin 970-846-8422.
      • As always, please do not come to studio if you are feeling sick or have the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath (other than the excitement of seeing us), sudden loss of smell and taste, chills, body aches, or sore throat.

      We will be adding services and classes back to the schedule as the protocol allows!

      If you are interested in private run/jog/hike classes in the studio or outside, please email us!

      We will continue streaming live ZOOM donation classes and adjust the schedule on a weekly basis if needed. Please check our MINDBODY schedule for updates and POP-UP classes:






      8:45-9:30am PYC with Wendy

      12-12:45pm BARRE with Kristin


      12-12:45pm Pilates Mat Class (all levels) with Anna

      4:30-5:00pm Straight-up COREburn with Wendy


      9-9:30am Total Body Burn with Wendy

      12-12:45pm BARRE with Kristin


      4:30-5:00pm Straight-up COREburn with Wendy


      9-9:45am BARRE with Kristin



      Steps to sign in and join class:

      1. Download ZOOM onto your laptop, desktop, or smartphone at least 30 minutes before class and create your own personal account.
      2. Once you have Zoom, you can click on this link to join class. it’s the same link and class ID every time you take any of our live-stream classes.
        Meeting ID is: 218 240 6105
        Password: core

      3. You can also download our personal APP to make it even easier to access  our current schedule on MindBody.
      4. Sign in 5 minutes before start time and SELECT ‘MUTE’ and ‘STOP VIDEO’ if you don’t want to be seen.

      **By joining our classes, you agree to assume all risk associated with physical exercise. Check with a medical professional before you join class if you have any concerns.

      Many of you have questions about class payment:

      Our on-line streamed classes will be donation based

      If you wish to donate here are some choices:

      Pay it forward!
      You can make a different kind of donation today if money is a challenge.  Dedicate your strength, sweat and energy into the community to people who need it most. Call a friend and stay connected, tell them why you appreciate them:-)

      If you’d like to make a cash donation for class, you may do that via venmo @steamboat-pilates

      If you’d like to make a donation for class using your studio credit (or class package), sign your name into the class in MindBody, and it will be deducted from your account for $12 (10 pack class rate) or out of a package that you have!

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      Individual, Semi, Trio, or Quad Private Sessions via ZOOM: WE are excited to continue offering these! We’ll watch you closely for form and precision and make sure that you get the most out of the session. These workouts can focus on anything you want- Yoga, Pilates, Plyos, Balance- using any props you have at home or outside! Just email us to book your time, steamboatpilates@gmail.com. These sessions are per household or screen. For ex. 1 household is an individual rate of $60, 2 households would be $35 each, 3 households are $25 each and 4 households are $20

      GROUP SESSIONS via ZOOM: Keep in mind that these private sessions can include any additional friends you want to join via their ZOOM account. For example, we are working with a sports team and they will each individually log in to their ZOOM account from home. The workout will be customized just for the group with sports specific cueing and patterns. This is flat rate cost of $75, and you can include as many kids as you want!

      RUNNING AND HIKING CUSTOMIZED WORKOUTS! We have been creating these for years for clients and would love to send you a creative custom workout for walking, hiking, jogging or running. We will outline each workout to meet your heart rate goals. These will cost $22 each.

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