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      In compliance with the Public Health guidelines, we are continuing to book appointments for:
      It will work like this:

      – Decide if you would like a private, semi private, 3 or 4-person workout session
      – Coordinate with your family or close friends – people you have spent time with and feel comfortable being around
      – Pick your workout: Reformer, Yoga, Barre, TRX, circuits, running, spin or a combo!
      – Weโ€™ll schedule you at a time to accommodate space and distance protocol ๐Ÿ™‚
      – PLEASE EMAIL US AT steamboatpilates@gmail.com to schedule

      • Clients and Teachers will wear masks into the studio,ย please wear your own mask into the studio.
      • Clients will sanitize hands immediately when entering and exiting the studio, teachers will wash hands between sessions and sanitize frequently within the hour.
      • Private sessions will be timed and spaced out to accommodate the social distancing requirements.
      • All equipment and props will be fully disinfected between sessions and allowed to dry between usage.
      • All sessions will be 55 minutes allowing for extra cleaning time.
      • All 3 entrances and exits will be used to decrease cross traffic.
      • Clients shouldย wait until their appt. timeย to enter the studio in order to eliminate the waiting area cross over.
      • EMAIL is the best way to reach us: steamboatpilates@gmail.com. If you need us immediately, you may call Wendy 970-846-3070 or Kristin 970-846-8422.
      • As always,ย please do not come to studio if you are feeling sickย or have the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath (other than the excitement of seeing us), sudden loss of smell and taste, chills, body aches, or sore throat.

      We will be adding services and classes back to the schedule as the protocol allows!

      If you are interested in private run/jog/hike classes in the studio or outside, pleaseย email us!

      Please check our MINDBODY schedule for updates and POP-UP classes:



      all classes are LIVESTREAM through MindBody and we offer spaces for clients to come to class in person now!

      See below schedule for our MindBody Livestream guide with steps to sign in and join class




      8:45-9:30am PYC (Pilates, Yoga, Core) with Wendy

      12-12:45pm BARRE with Kristin


      12-12:45pm SBR Pilates Mat (Strength, Balance, Recovery) with Anna

      4:30-5:00pm Straight-up COREburn with Wendy


      9-9:30am AAA (abs, arms, glutes!) with Wendy

      12-12:45pm BARRE with Kristin


      4:30-5:00pm Straight-up COREburn with Wendy


      9-9:45am BARRE with Kristin




      We will be using the MIND BODY platform to LIVESTREAM all of our MAT classes beginning Monday April 12th, 2021!

      Sign into your MB account to register for the LIVESTREAM class that you would like to take

      Locating the login link

      :30min before class begins, you will be emailed a link to join the LIVESTREAM class. If you’re booking within the last 30 minutes, then you’ll receive the email within a minute or two.

      Click on the link to join class from your email. You can also find the link in your schedule onย mindbodyonline.com/exploreย 30 minutes before class begins. Or, you can tapย Join Livestream in your schedule in the Mindbody app. You can also join a live stream class right from the Home screen in our Steamboat Pilates APP.

      Decide which browser and device you’ll use to attend class

      On a desktop, live stream classes work better on Google Chrome. You can alsoย download Mindbody Liveโ€”a program that improves the live stream experience on a desktop or laptop.

      On a mobile device, the best experience will be found on iOS Safari or Chrome for Android.ย 

      If you are using an iOS device, you must disable the pop up blocker. Here’s how to do that:

        1. Go toย Settingsย >ย Safari.
        2. In theย Generalย section, tap theย Block Pop-upsย toggle. It will turn white to indicate it’s turned off.

      Log in to the live stream class

      You have a couple of login options here. You can log in with:

      • Your studioย login: This is the login you use to access the studio’s (or business you’re attending the live stream class at) site on a web browser.
      • Yourย Mindbody account: This is the login you use on the Mindbody app or our app.

      If class hasn’t started yet, you’ll hang out in a waiting room.ย 

      Check your camera, microphone, and sound

      Before joining class, you’ll see a preview of your screen and an equipment check modal on the right. Feel free to check the video on the left to make sure you’re in the frame. On the right, work your way through the list to select the correct camera and microphone. See device options by clicking on the arrow beside it. Turn on your camera (if you’re comfortable)! Instructors love to see you! If you’d like, you can clickย Test Equipmentย at the bottom to test your microphone and speaker. Just follow the onscreen prompts to test and adjust before joining class.

      Join the class

      When you’re ready, clickย Join on the right to hop into class.ย 

      If you’re on a computer, you can click on the Full screen icon on the right to enlarge the video to full screen view during class. You also have the option to change views:

      • Presenter viewย shows the instructor’s videoย 
      • Grid viewย shows up to 15 participants’ videos along with the instructor’s video in a grid. This view is not available on mobile devices.

      Additionally, you can use theย chat boxย to communicate with the teacher or their assistant. Keep in mind that there is no private chat option โ€” all participants can see what you post. Just click on the chat icon on the left, and the chat box will open.

      When class is over, you can clickย Leave live stream, thenย Sign Out.

      **By joining our classes, you agree to assume all risk associated with physical exercise. Check with a medical professional before you join class if you have any concerns.


      Individual, Semi, Trio, or Quad Private Sessions via ZOOM: WE are excited to continue offering these! We’ll watch you closely for form and precision and make sure that you get the most out of the session. These workouts can focus on anything you want- Yoga, Pilates, Plyos, Balance- using any props you have at home or outside! Just email us to book your time, steamboatpilates@gmail.com. These sessions are per household or screen. For ex. 1 household is an individual rate of $60, 2 households would be $35 each, 3 households are $25 each and 4 households are $20

      GROUP SESSIONS via ZOOM: Keep in mind that these private sessions can include any additional friends you want to join via their ZOOM account. For example, we are working with a sports team and they will each individually log in to their ZOOM account from home. The workout will be customized just for the group with sports specific cueing and patterns. This is flat rate cost of $75, and you can include as many kids as you want!

      RUNNING AND HIKING CUSTOMIZED WORKOUTS! We have been creating these for years for clients and would love to send you a creative custom workout for walking, hiking, jogging or running. We will outline each workout to meet your heart rate goals. These will cost $22 each.

      โ€Œ โ€Œ โ€Œ