Armed with Purpose

THE SECRET TO PERSEVERANCE Life can be very distracting. A recent statistic indicates that kids' attention span is a mere 6 seconds. With a mind that bounces around constantly, we can tend to be very reactive to our emotions and experiences. This can send us swirling...

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the GOLD within us

Sometimes tense athletes get in their own way from really experiencing phenomenal results. Our intentions with Pilates is to help you discover your true selves in natural movement. Exercise is only as good as the posture you do it in. As we age, we layer faulty...

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Philosophy of Mind and Spirit

A great run, ride or a great yoga experience transforms life perspective and attitude profoundly. It helps break through the mind clutter or negative thoughts that distract us from what’s important in life. A great run can open up a space in your heart and mind, which...

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Red Ball Stretches

Here are some great stretches that you can do with this 'magic' little Red ball to turn your day around!   Place the ball under your sacrum and lie flat on the ground with legs out long on ground. - Legs long and pelvis is neutral so the ball isn’t anywhere in...

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