6 Easy Rituals to Keep Your Metabolism Firing by Jen Meister

Oct 4, 2016 | Simple Clean and Whole, Steamboat Pilates and Fitness


I’ve been working with over 50 women in my NEW 4-week SHIFT/Bar Method Program (more news about that at the end of this article), and the questions I’ve been hearing from participants got me thinking about easy ways to keep your metabolism going. This is something many of us struggle with, particularly as we get older or work sedentary jobs that slow our metabolisms without our permissions!

Let’s face it. This is an area where we can all use some help! With that in mind, here are my five easy rituals to start cleaning your gut, including inflammation, extra weight, bloat, and that overall clogged feeling! And as a bonus, I included a sixth ritual that has a direct effect on your metabolism.

What are Jen’s Ritual’s? Click here to find out more!

xo Jen


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